Save on energy costs while protecting your most valuable asset

State of the art technology

  • Australian Made
  • Security / Peace of mind
  • Privacy
  • Airflow control
  • Bushfire and storm protection
  • Noise reduction
  • Light control
  • Privacy
  • Internal controls
  • Value for money
  • Up to 40% Energy savings on heating and cooling
  • Insulating Qualities

Roller shutters not only offer protection and peace of mind, they provide a more comfortable and eco friendly environment. Lightweight yet extremely strong the curtain are consists of an aluminium skin injected with a polyurethane foam for added strength and insulation qualities.

Available in the following colours:

  • White, Grey, Cream, Sand, Beige, Red, Green, Deep Ocean Blue, Woodland Grey, Brown and Black.


Securing your premises and safeguarding your business

Suitable solutions for all areas of your home

  • 30-year warranty*
  • Light weight
  • Full thermal properties
  • Re-engineered stile
  • Polysmart is 100% recyclable
  • Flame retardant and Waterproof

The commercial Aluminum Roller Shutter range of products offer security and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your business. Aesthetically pleasing and available in a variety of colours the shutters have been manufactured to a high standard and with specially designed winged slat inserts that allows the curtain to lock into the guide channel for extra security.

Intermesh – Tough and durable the One to One Security Mesh not only provides security but also allows for your business to remain ‘visible’. View Specifications.

Forceshield (Unpunched) – is the superior choice for securing your premises and safeguarding your business interests. View Specifications.

Forceshield (Punched) – The Forceshield (Punched) allows for light and airflow into your business premises while still maintaining security and protection. View Specifications.

Available in the following colours:

  • Clear Anodized, White, Cream, Sand and Black.

Operation Modes

Spring Assist

Smooth, effortless motion in opening and closing shutters

Spring assist with bottom bar key lock

Our spring operated roller shutters offer a practical solution to commercial applications such as shop fronts, bars and canteens where added security is required. Assembled orders are supplied with a spring inside the axle which is specifically tensioned to the weight of the shutter, allowing simple and easy installation and operation.

This design provides a smooth, effortless motion in opening and to close it is as simple as pulling the curtain down using the handles provided, then locking it in place with our Bottom Bar Key Lock. The key lock can be custom ordered to face outside the shutter towards the head box (standard) or inside the shutter (reverse).

We are also able to supply an Intermittent Flat Locking Slat for applications where it is necessary for the lock to be accessible at a point in the curtain which is above the Bottom Bar.

Motorised: E Series

Simple and Unique Drive System

Ozroll Drive System

  • Low Voltage Battery Operation – not reliant on mains power
  • Simple, safe and cost effective installation
  • Available in RF with Remote Control
  • Charging is simple and convenient
  • Multiple shutters can be operated with the on controller
  • Ideal for Retro fitting to existing shutters
  • Simple operation for the whole family
  • Perfect for narrow shutters

The OZ Drive system is a low voltage battery operated drive system that is not reliant upon mains power. With operation at the touch of a button this unique system offers a cost effective alternative to current control options with many other additional benefits including a more efficient installation.

Each motor is equipped with a low voltage cable which allows for power to be generated through the motor.

The controllers are equipped with a re-chargeable battery that can be easily charge via a number of convenient options.

Solar: e-solarPRO

Affordable, simple and efficient

The Modular Solar Drive System

  • Simple installation – no drilling
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Renewable energy
  • No electricians required
  • Remote operation
  • 5yr guarantee on motors
  • Powerful LiFe PO4 battery

Only requires 1hr of direct sunlight per day!

The e-solarPro consists of a sleek, pre-assembled module which collects energy from the sun by accepting charge through a solar panel while storing the energy in high performance LiFePO4 batteries which are located in the command centre at opposite end of the module.

Installation is as simple as connecting the unique ‘click and go’ clips, which make not only the installation easy but also any future servicing.