Maximum Flexibility for Outdoor Living Spaces

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  • Australian Made
  • European Design
  • 5-Year Warranty

Retractable Roof Systems (also called retractable pergolas) are the latest
must-have trend for creating a distinctive outdoor room. You can’t control the
weather, but you can control your lifestyle – get a climate advantage and put
the power in your hands with smooth remote-control operation.

Precision engineering and architectural quality at an attractive price,
sophisticated European know-how and Aussie smarts combine to offer you
innovative technology. Add lighting, timber cladding, vertical blinds and heating
as desired.

nings can be applied in both private residential and commercial settings.

We offer four different models of B-Cube Bioclimatic Pergolas – the Classic, Freedom, Infinity
and the Urban.

B-Cube Freedom Bioclimatic Pergola
B-Cube Urban Bioclimatic Pergola





Finally! A roof system that retracts, allowing you to double the use of
outdoor living spaces, restaurant forecourts or beer gardens.

Our Reno Retractable Roof is a flat system without posts and therefore has great versatility for application options. Retracted in fine weather to let in sunshine and warmth, the Reno can be closed with the push of a button for protection against wind and rain.

An extremely important part of any patio is the folding fabric of the roof.
This model is flat without posts and comes with a wide range of block-out or translucent rain-resistant fabrics. Our fabrics meet the highest quality standards. They come fitted with an anti-drip system, and the correct angle makes this suspension ideal for optimal water drainage.

The cassette which protects the motor housing is made from aluminium
extrusion profiles. You can adjust the power for effortless operation, no
matter how large the folding roof is. It ensures the fabric is pulled smoothly taut, even with fluctuations in temperature. This motor is made by a European manufacturer and is easy to operate via a remote control or with a connection to a home automation system.

Maximum Dimensions

  • Projection
  • Width
  • Single Module: 4m
  • Double Module: 8m
  • Triple Module: 11.95m



Totally Independent and Versatile

Cover maximum area with minimal effort

The Freedom Bioclimatic Pergola is a totally independent system with its own supportive posts. This gives you the flexibility to cover maximum area.

This pergola can be used as a freestanding module, giving you the opportunity to create an ‘open-space’ structure.

Up to three modules can be placed side-by-side, covering a width of up to 11.95 metres.

Maximum Dimensions

  • Projection
  • Width
    Single Module: 4m
    Double Module: 8m
    Triple Module: 11.95m



The Ultimate in Subtly

Virtually disappears with your structure!

Featuring a truly customisable appearance, the Infinity Bioclimatic Pergola visually disappears wherever it is mounted.

This model can be integrated into a pre-existing structure without the need for any side beams. Unlike the other bioclimatic models,  the standard mounting patterns of the Infinity are different. The Infinity Bioclimatic Pergola can be used as an integrated module, making the application possibilities endless with this system.

Maximum Dimensions

  • Projection: 6.88m
  • Width: 3.85m
  • Coverage with Single System: 28sqm



Metropolitan Magic

Urban Bioclimatic Pergolas - Illawarra, Wollongong
Urban Bioclimatic Pergolas - Illawarra, Wollongong

The perfect solution for minimal space

The Urban Bioclimatic Pergola is ideal in small areas. This is thanks to its robust hanging system, offering a perfect solution for minimal space. This system allows you to create an outdoor area without the need for posts. It gives a unique suspended look.

This pergola has a different profile structure and dimensions from the other bioclimatic models and is applied as a hang-to module. Unlike the other pergolas, the Urban has a water drainage system that is integrated into the gutter profiles on all three sides. Rainwater is discharged from the front with the free-fall principle.

Maximum Dimensions

  • Projection: 5.04m
  • Width: 4m
  • Coverage with Single System: 20sqm